Ph.D. dissertation

I carried out my doctoral research on the sensitivity analysis of a spatially distributed model for flood risk assessment. It involved:

  • assessing the influence of input map uncertainties through geostatistical simulation
  • studying the impact of change of spatial scale on variance-based sensitivity indices
  • exploring model uncertainty in a GIS environment
  • case studies on the Orb river (South-East France) and the Rhône river

I defended my Ph.D. thesis on November, 29th, 2012. The jury was composed of:

  • M. Christian LAVERGNE Professor, Montpellier III University (Research adviser) [home page]
  • M. Hervé MONOD Research director, INRA (Rapporteur)
  • M. Jeroen AERTS Professor, IVM, Netherlands (Rapporteur)>
  • M. Stefano TARANTOLA Chercheur, EC - Joint Research Center (Italie) Examinateur
  • Mme. Bénédicte BUCHER Directrice de recherche, IGN Examinatrice
  • M. André MAS Professeur, Université Montpellier II Examinateur
  • M. Jean-Stéphane BAILLY Enseignant-chercheur, AgroParisTech (research co-adviser)
  • M. Frédéric GRELOT Chercheur, Irstea (research co-adviser)


2009-2012 Ph.D in Applied Mathematics Montpellier 2 University, France
2008-2009 Adv. Master in Geographic Information Systems [info] AgroParisTech, France
2007-2008 Post-grad degree in Environmental Science and Policy [info] ENGREF-AgroParisTech, Paris
2005-2007 Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program (M.Sc.) [info] Ecole Polytechnique, Paris